Photo Album

Skinny Skeeter (with Chase lurking)

Alfie & Dexter dashing about as always!


Bellissima Bella!

Little Bert, so sweet..

Mad Bonnie!

Big Kas knows the value of a comfy bed...

Bernie has his eyes on the prize.

What a face from Chops!

Gis a smile Kas!

Chad, that's a face you can't forget ;-)

Prick up your ears!

I'm not sure what's going on with Digby!

Strike a pose Izzy!

Millie ready to strike..

Monkey selfie?

Hugo enjoying a balmy Autumn eve...

Ellie flying as always

Teddy, Bob & Paddy loving the Sun

Hugo wanted a better view apparently...

Jack always has to carry something!

Big Loganberry!

Mad Milo's back!!

Beautiful old Maggie!!

Milo's ears always like to show off...

Grumpy Paddy!!

Polly & Rosie are feeling peckish...

Selby loves a game of chase!

Sexy Benson!

Silly ears all round!

It's always a good idea to have a ball to keep Harley busy!

Little MoMo wants a kiss!

I have no idea what this is doing here...

Big Kira, when she moves, the ground shakes!

Alfie unusually not sniffing the ground!

My little Bertie Puddin'!

MoMo making himself comfy!

Little Bertie and big bro Luka...peas in a pod

Indi and Bruce showing Auntie Vic some love...can't think why

Kira is a very thoughtful young lady.....

MoMo looking all fluffy in the sun!

Where Luka goes, Bertie must follow!

Hmmm, this seems a familiar scene...

Beautiful Freya getting some exercise!

Luka making a break for it...

What a smile, the spirit of Jazz!

Yep, it's MoMo again, still looking fluffy!

BeauBeau loves to feel the wind in his ears...

This weather is acceptable to Star, she has high standards don't you know?

Is Beau trying to tell me something?

Gorgeous and very well-behaved Holly

Jerry on a run, in between snacks!

What a face!! Lovely Larrson!

Butter wouldn't melt, or maybe it would ;-)

Archie going for the Hayfields ears look...

Poppy on her own for a change!

Poppy and Bindi have decided that Joey makes an excellent boyfriend to share....

Milly stalking Max stalking me!

Little Alfie looking a bit like a puffball!

Archie, all smiles in the fields!

Buzz is a little peckish methinks!

Little Joey, one of the sweetest natured boys ever!

Bindi ahead by a length, then Joey leading Poppy by a's a close race!!

Millie unusually not watching Max, I wonder why??

Elvis takes his washing up role very seriously! (he's not asleep, just concentrating hard!)

Beautiful Bindi boo

Kyma wolf has a lovely smile

Can I help you sir?

Indy whippet dashing about as usual....

Where the food is, Diesel goes!

Chester and Buzz are always good for a smile, if there's a hint of food!

Larsson plodding along!

Daisy whippet sadly has to be on a lead in the fields, in return she gets access to my garden to run around in. The cat is not impressed!

Larrson can also get a bit of speed up when he tries !

Little Roo just does not know how to act her age!

Enjoy viewing some of our guests enjoying themselves and see the accommodation and beautiful surroundings at Hayfields.

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