Photo Album

Melvin finds it hard to relax!

Sophy using her ears to get some speed up!

Bindi and Vic having some easy time!

Holly auditioning for a role at the circus!

Sometimes, you just gotta suck on your bed!

Gorgeous Kyma, I assure you she's not a wolf!

Jerry just watching the world go by!

Beautiful Bindi, all grown up!

Guilty faces at the breakfast table ;-)

Little Joey, always a smile on a sunny day :-)

Max and Harvey chilling in the shade.

Joey leaping into action!

All smiles when you're a lab!

It may be hot out here but we're cool. Well, phoebe is at least!

Om nom nom!

Sydney bean!

Little Dylan waiting for the ball...

Maggie making herself comfy :-)

Dylan is so good at bringing the ball back, letting go? Not so good ;-)

Smiley big Lil :-D

Happy little Harry!

Hungry Rosie!

Mmmmmm that's the spot ;-)

Big Tilly, one half of the Pointer Sisters! (sorry Alfie)

Fluffy Bern!

It's Peeeeeeegggggyyyyy !!!

Watchoo lookin at?

Action dog Oskar!

Barney is such a dashing chap


The sweetest little Tilly, very good hovering skills ;-)

Big Foz has a lovely toothy grin ;-)

Harvey unusually with his mouth shut ;-)

Katie (with Summer lurking!)

I have no idea what is going on here!

A shining Star!


Shy Violet has come out of her shell, hurrah!!!

Buster Chops says it's rather hot!

Chops again with Bern not far behind!

Such a handsome Bailey!

Bern is also finding it a bit warm!

Oskar is just so sweet!

Dougal, always eyes on the prize

Beauty & Hyde love a little tussle ;-)

Such gorgeous shepherds!

I assure you that Alfie has not broken his front legs! What he is actually doing with them I cannot say ;-)

Sweet Summer, most of the time! (grrrrrrrrr!)

Cutey Katie!

Always a Betsy at the back ;-)

Chloe close-up!

Basil & Murphy love the Hayfields life!

Alfie dancing away, happiness personified!

When Tulip rules the world all the humans slaves will carry her.

Jack, one the best behaved boys in the world!

Little Annie does have a bit of a scowl at times ;-)

Barney Lulu and Teddy love eating or rolling in everything they can possibly find!

Gorgeous little Teddy, moments before rolling in unspeakable things....

Diesel and Levi having a race, only one winner here ;-)

Rocco is very good at waiting patiently ;-)

Harvey loves a good run

Annie is taking her role as fire safety officer seriously!

Rocco showing his wonderfully fluffy ears :-D

Manning showing he moves fast for a big boy!

Max showing young Milly the ropes...she's getting faster!

Little Alfie can Salsa with the best of them!

I believe they are trying to me something ;-)

Yum yum says Kaiser

Charlie, always in the mud ;-)

Basil, unusually not carrying a ball!

Handsome Murphy :-)



.....and Chloe!!

Champers has had a VERY hard day you know....

Crazy Miss Maisie!

Logan, shy at first but so so loving :-D

Little Bella, she's not shy but just as loving ;-)


PomPom and ChiChi, possibly the cutest pair ever!

Belle & Digby enjoying the freshly cut fields!

Kaiser is still growing up ;-)

Big and bouncy Benjy

Champers, all love

Lovely Lulu

Hefner moves when he wants to!

Ooooooo Betty!

Archie looking slightly mad ?!

Mad Millie likes to dance!

Doug can bust some shapes too!

Hef taking things easy ;-)

Doug and Lulu don't often stop!

....unless there's food invovled!

Morning Sun Chunky!!

Alfie Bacon on a rare burst!

Ollie's ears help him run you know ;-)

Oscar and Freddie showing off

Tessy bear missing her boyfriends!

Such a handsome Mutty

Tiny Skype dashing about

Oscar, Freddy, Olly & Betty, what a great family !

Bern Bern Bern!!

Sniff sniff Skype!

The crazy gang again, so much energy!!!

Harry would like a treat please!

Dexter has decided that Pooh bear is his mortal enemy and must suffer!

Rupert and Bluebell love to chase each other until exhaustion sets in!

Norwegian Harry bouncing about!

Bailey, small in size, giant in nature. He rules the world you know ;-)

Oh Harry you are so handsome :-D

The crazy gang again :-)

Bouncy Benjy!

Albert and Dudley never stop chasing that tennis ball!

Mad Basil....he's Mad!

What a handsome Murphy...

Action Basil and Murphy

Sexy Benson back for more ;-)

You know when you've been Noodled!

Nessie 'helping' with the fence repairs...

Archie only has eyes for one thing....

Dashing Benson, he's got cornering skills :-)

Yes Noodle, that's very helpful....ahem....

Nothing like a Maltese grin :-)

Or maybe there is!!

Chloe however is unimpressed!

Trying to stop Elvis getting over-excited is a challenge :-)

Albert on the chase!

Cuddly Dudley!

Max and Bess and a beautiful Sunrise

Beautiful Bella and Enzo


DIgby and his most ridiculous ears!

Bruno, possibly the cutest little sausage ever :-D

It's a bit cold for IG's!

Digby loves his snow!

Spot the ball competition....Dudley and Albert win!!

Hovering Cooper

If I'm going to be out here then I demand treats!

Cooper has found some more important evidence

Dudley the action dog!

Albert is also an action dog!

Jenson says NOM

Basil likes the odd spurt of speed too

Handsome Murphy in the mud!

There's nothing like a frenchie from a frenchie!

Vic has been training Teddy and Bob to hover!

Happy Hector!

Bob once again showing his hovering skills

Basil, pure joy in the fields!

It's either a Push-Me-Pull-You...or a pair of 'doodles!

Jenson, as fast as his namesake!

Buster and Bernie negotiating the mud!

Murphy hovering away...

Bella and Pippa taking it you do on holiday.

Big smile from Baxter :-D

Chops and Bern, not sure what's going on with the ears?

Enjoy viewing some of our guests enjoying themselves and see the accommodation and beautiful surroundings at Hayfields.

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