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We do not think it advisable that a dog's diet should be changed completely when changing environments although we rarely have problems when we have had to. We will happily feed your dog's usual diet if you want us to.

Organic fresh diets will require a supplemental fee.

However we do find that all dogs love the addition of some of our own delicious home cooked food to their usual diet and if this causes no problems we will increase the amount. Many dogs refuse their usual diet after a few days with us!

Dogs prefer REAL FOOD - not cleverly marketed, over processed 'complete' foods.

We will feed any supplements that owners require and we also have many of our own.

All dogs are given treats after exercise and at bedtime.

Preparing dinner is a spectator sport

Some of our AGA recipes.

We include food from Natural Instinct, Ziwi Peak (air dried raw), Gentle (cold pressed) & Platinum as standard but we are often trying out new brands that we feel have good quality ingredients.
Here are a few recipes. We have never had a dog that didn't love them, including fussy feeders!

Lightly cooked chicken and/or salmon with vegetables including butternut squash, carrot, apple, spinach and salmon oil.

Fresh lamb with brown rice, potato, oats, carrots, spinach, broccoli, sunflower oil and herbs including sage, parsley, oregano, thyme and spearmint.

Chicken cooked with apple, broccoli florets, nettle leaf, chopped cleavers and cabbage (herbs from Galens). 

We also use turkey, lettuce, sea buckthorn berries, seasonal vegetables and Robbies Holisitic pouches.

Charges apply-please see our fees page for details.
   Natural Instinct, Almo Nature, Platinum, Gentle, Eagle Holistic etc. 
Stockist for Almo Nature 

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