Photo Album

Bruce has taken possession of the ball and he is NOT giving it back!

Pumpkin chillin' in the log cabin....

Muddy and Pumpkin enjoying a WI meeting...

The most beautiful Willow and Drake :-)

Lovely Muddy in the mud!

Run Bruce, Run!

Gorgeous Jakey, all handsome :-)

Cujo is just as handsome as Jake of course!

Two handsome chaps :-)

My lovely little Pumpkin Pie!


Olly got a in the fields!

Phoebe makes an EXCELLENT hot water bottle :-)

Penny loves a football!

Penny, for some reason making me think of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, all she needs is a slave fanning her!

Sydney dashing about as usual..

Penny also loves a tennis ball!

Bennie and Olly, 2 little rays of sunshine!

Murphy and Purdy loving the fields as ever...

Sydney loving the Winter sun

Penny enjoying the sounds of the countryside..

An interesting patch apparently...

10-4 good Buddy!

Amazing, adorable Archie!

Mad Georgia!

Handsome Sammy :-)

Mad Georgia in the morning Sun

Roxy back for more mud!

Charlie and Nick LOVE that cold November rain ;-)

Beauty looking regal, Hyde looking...well... frankly quite daft!

Cookie and Fudge pottering !

Old Molly proving that age is no boundary to beauty..

Charlie doing something less unspeakable to his toy for a change....

Cookie likes to explore the courtyard.....

...almost as much as Fudge!

Oscar and Alfie know what our fields are for :-D

Alfie's too fast for big Tilly!

Beautiful morning, beautiful dogs :-)

'Come on slowcoach!'

Big D searching the skies...probably for food...

Maisy pounces!

Big and bouncy Big D, a real cracker of dog :-D

Gorgeous windswept Maisy...

Mad Scarlett and Mad Libby!!

Bindi chasing Roxy chasing a ball!

Little Diesel shifts well in these fields!

Big Diesel loves his toys....

Max is looking for a spot on Britain's Got Talent!

Little Skype is a great help checking the fences!

Roxy Roo, Englands answer to our left-wing problems.

Big D enjoying the Autumn sun

So what if the ball is bigger than me?

It is balanced on his nose...honest! ;-)

Dashing Manning

Bindi in the beautiful early morning light...

Ruby back to catch them meeces...

Bindi boo!

What a profile from the Big Manning!

Handsome Hendrix

Bailey pounces, Tessie runs, Bailey face plants :-(

'Who you calling big nose?' says Charley

Sexy Benson hovers well...

Watchoo looking at?

Dashing Hendrix

Dotty, all smiles as always :-D

Freya, faster than a speeding bullet....not so good at braking though...

Ok, so Charley isn't as fast as Freya, but he's not far behind!

Tessy can take on all sizes!

Not quite sure what's going on with Chad's ears here?

Angela's new friend is disappointingly female....the boy hunt continues!

My beautiful girlfriend Poppy (sshh don't tell Vic)

It's a tough old life here...RIP our lovely Willow, never forgotten.

Little Charlie enjoying the garden..

Ollie making sure that Vic takes it easy.....

Keep on movin' Digby!

Belle, always a smile and a wag :-D

Bess is better prepared for this attack!

Amazing Adorable Alfie

2 balls Bonnie needs a breather....

Something smells good!!

Come in whippets 1 and 2, your time is up...

Dexter and Hugh, when 2 become 1 ;-)

Next ball please!

Jade, so well behaved, so strange to feed!

Pounce Roxy pounce!

Tug of war time Jade?

Gorgeous Maisie and Minnie

Life's great when you're a Bumble

Muffin loves a tickle!

Big bouncing Billy

The cutest little Muffin..

Melvin in the morning sun...

Greg see something, he goes!!


You can let me off, I promise not to jump through your fences, honest!

Sore paw? Ollie doesn't care!

Ruby still hasn't caught a mouse :-(

Those rugs are just too darn comfy!

Bailey doesn't just Bumble you know...

Bailey in guard dog mode

The regal Chunky!

Ruby's mad face :-0

Big Alfie pup

Mice? where? where? where?

Give us a kiss Barkley!

Poppy does love her Barkley

Have ball, will run....

Coco is NOT moving any faster thank you very much...

Wotcha got???

Watch out, Wally's about....

It's not going to throw itself you know...

Agent Cooper has found some important evidence...

Agent Cooper, ever alert

Alfie loves his football!

Alfie would much play in the office than walk in those silly fields!

Cleo coming to investigate

Bright and shiny Marshall!

Cleo nose what's what!

Dashing through the grass....

Diesel, the joggers friend :-)

Copper and Presto ALWAYS after a treat

Big old momma bear Coco.....

....and baby bear Wally!

We going in the office again???

Teddy and Beau shining in the sun!

Archie, all smiles and ears!

Champers plodding :-D

Elegant Enzo and Beautiful Bella

Beau Beau is just the best beagle!

Copper and Presto, hunting for food....again...

We love our big Momma Bear and little Baby Bear

Our wonderful shining Star

Elvis running a little more than is good for him!

Teddy and Beau like they never left

Champers' tongue is something to behold....

Bella and Enzo circling me at a frankly dizzying speed...

Dorchy is so light he floats!

Archie's not fast enough for Jerry!

Archie wants something, Jerry says 'meh'

Dorchy definitely wants something!

Copper and Presto ALWAYS want something!

It;s Beau Beau hugging time...


All aboard the Sammy train!

Did you want me???

Dexter and Milo fighting both each other and gravity..

.....and not fighting for a change!!

Jerry loves comfy Auntie Vic.... does Fizzy!

Dexter and Milo taking a break from eating each other

Aha, normal service is resumed....

Poppy, Lucy, Dobby and Misty, not easy to get on camera!

Poppy, Lucy, Dobby and Misty, a bit closer, except Misty ;-0

Breakfast time is it Star?

Rebel investigating the silly man with a camera....Rocky couldn't care less!

'Please say you'll never leave me all alone' pleads Melvin with his eyes....

Dora in one of her quieter moments

Melvin is too darn cute!

Max will pounce when you least expect it!

Yep I was right....just too darn cute.

Oscar and Alfie can't half shift when they want!


Henry is eating a tennis ball....Edward is looking for said tennis ball....

Ruby and Belle do love a play

Dora the Explorer

Look out Belle!

Beauty photobombing a lovely shot of Heidi

Aflie, Harvey and cousin Ben bringing up the rear....3 very lively little dogs!

Holly thinks she deserves the sofa more than Vic...

Dylan showing his quality cornering skills...

Max....25Kg of smiling muscle heading towards you at high speed...

Beautiful big Bailey....still thinks he's a little pup...

Wassat in your pocket?

Oscar can hover perfectly.....I think he uses his ears..

So great to see out little friends Taz & Tia back again :-)

Bracken likes to leave it late before he swerves at high speed ;-)

We're getting married in the morning!

Belle and Digby love a bounce through the long grass.....who cares about a few seeds?

Annalisa vs Annalisa.... this could go on some time.

Handsome Jack

Chloe, Bonnie and Harvey.....and some random feet

The wonderful Murphy and Purdy, never happier than in the rain!

(Blurry) Poppy and Honey

Sammy says 'Play the blanket game now please!'


Enjoy viewing some of our guests enjoying themselves and see the accommodation and beautiful surroundings at Hayfields.

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