Wherever possible we try to let the guests loose on the computer so that they can put up a message.....these can found below.(Some guests do not seem to take this seriously.)

Ava proving that Nick doesn't do the typing


Happy Anniversary Mummy and Daddy!! Hope you’re having a lovely time, wherever you are! 

I’ve been keeping very busy here at Hayfields, lounging on sofas, lounging on my bed, lounging in the office and generally spreading the Champers love as far as possible. Auntie Vic says that I’m actually spreading more white fur around than anything else, but I know she’s just jealous cos she’s not as fluffy and beautiful as me!  Hehehe ;)

I have also been keeping a sharp eye on all the fields (they are MINE, after all!), and whilst doing my rounds Auntie Vic has a tendency to sing to me. I thought as a special anniversary treat I’d share my personal song with you- it’s all my own words, and Auntie Vic thinks it’s very catchy…. What do you think?


Champer-dee-doo-dah, Champer-dee-ay,

My, oh my, what a fluffy white day!

Tramp through the fields and play in the hay,

Beautiful  Champers,  wonderful day!


I love you and miss you so much Mummy, but don’t worry, it’s not long til you get my big fluffy heart back all to yourself! Here’s a photo of me, in case you needed any more proof that I’m the most gorgeous girl in the world.

See you soon!

Champers XXXXX

Special Agent Cooper report: 67926A-9

Location: Hayfields

It has taken all my cunning and guile to get this report out, security here seems tighter than ever and I can only hope it reaches you unsullied and unseen. 

I have been receiving reports of major developments on the home front, so feel it wise to temporarily break off this current investigation in order to fully devote my attention to this more pressing engagement. I have already started preliminary investigations into relevant locations and will be reporting forthwith.

However, once again it would appear that the miscreants at Hayfields will evade justice......for now.

Cooper out.

A piece of evidence I found on my investigations

Quail puny mortals.....

MUAHAHAHAHA…….I have finally achieved my aim and have become one with the master……now we have become an unstoppable force for the powers of cuteness!

Quail puny mortals and go all gooey at the sight of MELVNICK THE IRRESTISTABLE!!!

Nothing will be able to resist our charms, men, women, children, dogs, cats, rabbits, small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri……all will be melted into pools of cooing submission ready to do our bidding…..MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!

But first, a quick nap methinks, all this evil plotting is quite hard work you know? YYYYAAAAAAWWWWNNNN.


Izzy's Choice...

Hey folks, I’ve been told that I have to write to let you know that I’m safe and happy. Well here I am! Honestly you guys do worry too much, I’m a big girl now you know!

I’ve made some brilliant boyfriends here but I can’t work out who my favourite is….Diesel is lovely and Boris is Just soooo beautiful, ooo it’s a tough choice!!! I think I may go steady with Diesel, or maybe Boris ….or Diesel….aaaaHHHH!!! You see my dilemma?


I’ve attached a photo of me showing off my Frisbee skills for the boys, they all certainly seemed impressed!!

Oodles of love,



I've got skills and I like to show them!

Someone likes their food....

Hi  mum, just  a  quickie  to  let  you  know  that   I’m  having  great  fun  flooping  about  here  at   Hayfields….one  thing  especially  stands out..….. the  FOOD!!!!

NOM  NOM  NOM  just  about  sums  it  up  I  think!

Yeah  the  weather’s  lovely,  people  great blah  blah  blah,  but  seriously, NOM! NOM  NOM  NOM!!

Love  you  lots, can’t  wait  to  lick  your  face so  you  can  smell  the  deliciousness, if  you’re  really  lucky  you’ll  be  able  to  still  taste  it!!!  J



Did someone say Sausages?

Bindi, Poppy and Dillon have only one thing to say!


BumblePups Ho!!!!

*BumblePups are on the loose, BumblePups are here!

BumblePups will lick your face and nibble on your ear!

Bumble Bumble, Bumble BumblePUPS! (woof)

Bumble Bumble, Bumble BumblePUPS!!



BumblePups…....... HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!**

*To be sung ironically to the tune of 80’s cartoon ‘Thundercats’

**I’m so so sorry!

BumblePups leaping into action....a force to be reckoned with

Work work work

Hi Mum and Dad,

Hope you’re having a nice holiday and that the weather is better than here…loving the hotel but I think the location needs moving about 1000 miles south!

You’ll never guess what I’m doing here….I’m working!!! Only part-time at the moment but would love a full-time role. Nick has me acting as his assistant so I’m helping to make all the dinners, ensuring they all taste extra good for the guests. I’m also doing a lot of guided tours with him as he finds them hard work to do on his own, bless him. I keep an eye out and if he looks like he’s flagging I chip in and let the visitors know how great it is here. After work we have great fun in the ‘secret’ log cabin. Well, Nick says it’s a secret but my nose tells me different….I have a nagging sense I’m not the first guest/employee here! Not that it bothers me, you know how I love to be involved in everything ;-)

Hope you’re not working as hard as I am!!

Lots of Love

Bailey Bumble

PA to Managing Director

Me helping my new boss to relax

In the green corner.....

Hi mum,

Thought I’d drop you a quick note to say ‘ello and let you know that all is almost back to normal here at Hayfields, which is great. One question though…..what’s happened to Nick? It’s great that he’s back walking me as I really missed him last time, but his wrestling standard has dropped unbelievably….it’s almost like he’s letting me win. I’m not complaining cos I love to beat him but I do like a bit of a challenge! Have a word will you?

See you tomorrow!


Alfie ‘The Tibetan Terror’

This spot smells like victory

This isn't like quarantine !!

G’day folks!

Sorry, can’t resist the traditional greeting! Hope you guys are enjoying your trip- we’re certainly having great fun here. The fields are sooooo big here, it takes forever to explore them! Cuje doesn’t bother any more but I’m still finding new spots every day.

We’re loving the big room with the warm lamp over our beds, just wish it was as warm outside!

Please could you have a word with Nick? He won’t let us watch the Ashes!! Possibly it’s because I won’t tell him which side I’m supporting ;-)

I’m sure I smell dinner in the air so gotta run love you!

Jake (and Cujo, of course!) xx

We find this corner particularly interesting

Dylan back for more fun

Hi Mum and Dad!

Apparently I’m the first guest to use the new computer in the new office! Such an honour!

I also have to ask- is this room new too? It’s huge!! If it’s not new, then why have I not stayed in here before? I hope you’ve not been putting me in the budget rooms… you know I have high standards!

Everything else is great here, as always; the fields are still great, the people are still nice and the food is still delicious J

Hope you’re having a good time too, love you lots and lots

Dylan xx

Me having a scamper :-)

Daft Dougal Dog

Dear Mum and Dad,

I like it here! I’m having lots of fun and I’ve made a friend who lives next door to me… he’s called Dexter and he looks a lot like me (but not as handsome, obviously!).

Nick says I’m a very daft dog… I don’t know why he says that though! Ok, I did drag a basket over to the field with me when I went for a walk… and it did get a bit…er… broken… but I thought it looked nice scattered all over the garden! J

Dexter has a lot of toys in his room, and when we go out to play together I like to sneak into his room and steal a couple of his favourites… tee-hee! Dexter doesn’t mind though- he’s very generous. Sometimes we like to play a trick on Nick together- it’s very funny. After our walks we go straight into each other’s rooms and wait to see how long it takes him to notice we’re the wrong way round! He always gets us in the end, but it’s funny to watch ;)

I hope you’re having a nice time wherever you are… I’m looking forward to seeing you again so I can tell you all about my holiday here!

Much love and big hairy kisses,

Dougal xxx

My big tongue! (Nick does clean my eyes every day, honest!!)

Maisington Fletcherby

Hi folks,

How’s your trip going? This is certainly an interesting place to stay in J

So far we’ve been having an excellent time; it’s just the weather that’s letting us down. It just doesn’t seem to be able to make its mind up! One minute sunny, next minute wet……it’s almost as fickle as Fletcher with the tennis balls!

Speaking of Fletcher, I don’t know what’s come over him! I’m supposed to be the bossy one but he seems to be in his element here! He loves telling the other dogs that this is our room and that they’d better not come near…it’s lovely, I get to sit back and be the quiet one for a change! Such a shame that he seems to have scared all the other guests away, though Vic has assured us that there’ll be more victims for him to shout at soon J

Hope you’re having as much fun as us but better weather!

Lots of love

Maisie (and Fletcher)


Is that really Fletcher bringing the ball back? Surely not??

Office worker Stewie

Hi Mum and Dad,

I just wanted to wish you both a happy anniversary, hope you’re having a lovely time J

I’m having the usual fun helping out around the office here. Nick has had me doing all sorts of work: on the computer, in the kitchen, showing visitors round, keeping Dave occupied….I really am looking forward to getting paid, just think of all the tennis balls I can buy after this much work !!

I’ve attached a photo of me in my usual chair in the office, I have to say it is remarkably comfortable though I do have to kick Nick off it regularly.

Must dash, Nick is calling….I wonder what job he’s dreamt up for me now?

Much Love



Comfy :-)

Madam Tilly

Dear folks,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m happy and well here at the hotel. I have had to do some negotiations about my exact room allocation, but, to give the owners some credit, they have given me a number of options.

I didn’t like the first room they gave me, far too small for a big girl like me.

I like the suite I was given next, excellent for playing and daytime use, but to be honest I just was not comfortable there at night….so I made sure I told the owners (I also redecorated for them as their taste is questionable, attached is a picture of my new style)!

 I now have a lovely private room in the garden for sleeping (with en-suite) and I come into the kitchen/office/playroom suite in the day. PERFECT!

I must add that even the food is excellent here, and as you know, I have very high standards!

All in all it’s been an excellent week so far, once I made clear the high standards I expect, the staff have all met my demands really rather well. A bit of a surprise for me I have to say!!

I hope the staff are as accommodating where you are too!!!


Madam Tilly


I didn't like the look of the bed in here.

Marley the poet

Hi Mum!!!!!

       I’ve written you a little poem all about my Hayfields holiday, hope you like it!!

Splish splash splish splash roll bounce roll,

Hayfields fields are so much fun, I love to lose control,

There’s grass and mud and great big floods it really is a ball,





Marley loves the fields....

Little monkey Dylan

Hi Mum and Dad,

        Well it seems I’m back here at Hayfields for another fun holiday. I don’t think much has changed, food is still good, fields are fun if a bit wet and brown, Nick still looks entertainingly tired .…all good stuff J

I do my best to keep everyone on their toes and my daily game of chase round the garden with Nick is a real highlight……..it’s just a shame he has to resort to cheating by using his long arms to pick me up…..I suppose at least I always get a treat for my troubles….

There’s also good lad in the room next door called Ozzie who is a right laugh……he’s been telling me all about the different pranks he pulls on his parents……it’s given me some rather good ideas for when I get home ;-)


Love you!



Round and round and round

Hayfields Frisbee Cup Final Report

It certainly was an exciting tournament this year, with entrants of all shapes and sizes, however it was clear from the early rounds that the partnership of Max and Bess were going to be very hard to beat.

They seemed to have an almost telepathic rapport with each other and would often split up to ensure the whole playing area was well covered, a truly great partnership.

The only question mark seems to be with Max’s catching skills, however most experts feel that with some expert coaching this will improve in no time.

Other than that, they were truly unstoppable in this tournament, racking up one of the highest scores in Hayfields history. Bess shows no sign of slowing down with age and Max’s youthful enthusiasm combined with a keen eye ensured that the victory was a mere formality.

Here’s hoping they will return to defend their well-earned title as Champions!

Eyes on the prize

Tessy pup


WOW! It’s all so exciting here! Theres dogs and toys and fields and people and things with wings and mud and wooden things and tall things and just so much to do! I was so excited when I arrived that I thought I might burst! Luckily that didn’t happen although the floor did seem to get wet quite quickly!

I’m having a great time with everybody here, they’re all so much fun to climb up cos they’re all sooooo tall!

Ohohohoh there’s another thing…..I LOST A TOOTH!

Nick has put it somewhere safe and says if I’m lucky the tooth fairy might leave a treat in my bed at night, is this true? I can’t wait to see what she gives me!

In fact, I’m going to go to bed now to see what I get! (Not that I can sleep, I’m too excited!)

Luv and kisses



Little Tessy in a big field

Ruby, scourge of birds

Hi Folks,

Well this is certainly a very interesting hotel to come and stay in!  It took a little getting used to and I had to show the management an awful lot of my belly for the first day or so!

That soon took them off guard and now I get to do much more as I please J

The best thing here is the bird watching from the office. They have birds of all shapes, sizes and colours and it’s simply the funniest thing to bark at them until they all flap away tweeting like I don’t know what!

I could spend all day and night doing this but for some reason Jo doesn’t seem as enthusiastic as me! People are funny aren’t they? Must go now, it’s teatime, yum yum yum yum!

Hope you’re having a fun week too J

Lots of love



Attached is a photo of me waiting for the big crow to come back!

Special Agent (Dale) Cooper

Special Agent Cooper Field Report.

Location: Hayfields Dog Hotel

Case: Mysterious disappearance of large numbers of cuddly toys.

I have managed to infiltrate this establishment, however I am finding the investigation to be harder than we expected. Security here is tight and although I have given them no reason, I’m sure the owners are suspicious of me. My cover story is strong and yet they keep such a close eye on me....a sure sign that all is not what it seems here.

I have managed to get some distance between myself and the ‘handlers’ on occasion but always find my way blocked just when I think I’m onto something…. in order not to arouse suspicion I of course always return willingly if I hear them looking for me.

Still, I know there is something going on. I’ve seen a number of suspiciously fluffy deliveries and at times I’m sure I’ve heard the sound of fabric tear and stuffing fly during the night….if only I could get more freedom I know I could crack this case.

Still, I shall persevere and will make contact again as soon as I can.

Cooper out.

I think they may be watching me.

Zulu and Denzil......snow joke !

Hi Mum!

Sorry it’s taken us so long to write, but who wants to be in the office when the world is full of SNOW!

This place is amazing, is it always this snowy here? If it is then please let us come more often!! The people are nice and the food is good but hey, everything’s good when it’s covered in SNOW!

We’ve had a whale of a time digging around the fields we’re sure that we heard mice hiding in there and of course, it’s just so much fun to dig up the SNOW!

Nick said he was going to attach a sledge to us and zoom around the fields later we’re not sure what that means but it sounds fun, especially as it involves SNOW!

We love you lots and gather it’s all boring and hot where you are, unlucky Mum, we’ve got SNOW!

Nibbly kisses

Zulu & Denzil

Xxx      Xxx

Camera trick or two VERY similar dogs?

Buddy rocks !

Hey folks,

Nick told me that were a bit worried about me staying here, I’ll be honest with you…so was I!

Thankfully there was no need to fret cos this place has the most amazing fields!  You know how much I love to run about like a loon, well they let me do that here EVERY DAY J

The people are really nice although Nick does seem a little strange at times…please can you explain what ‘Heavy Metal’ is and why he insists on singing to me so much? Other than that he’s a good laugh round the fields…handy with a ball though a bit slow on the chase!

Hope you have a lovely time and I’ll see you in a week J




Come and get the ball.....I dare you !

Little Bailey !

Hi Dad !!!

I’m so sory it’s taken me so long to rite, but Ive jus beeen so bisy hear!

 We had a wunderfull day that Nick calld krissmas. Plese can we hav a krissmas to wen you come home? It was so much fun and I LOVE this thing calld terkee, do you have any?

Nick tells me he doesint now weare all the food he gives me goes, but I know…IN MY TUMMY!!! YUMYUMYUM J

I play lots of gamse here but my favurite is fliking mud onto Nick’s face….I think he enjois it as wel but he dos get very messsy!

I cant wate to seee you agen and flik mud on to you to!

Lots of Luv



Is it dinnertime yet?

Pickle and William, new BFF's

Hi folks,

We thought we’d write a message together as we’re having so much fun with each other!!


William and I are having the best time chasing each other around the office, the kitchen, the fields…well…everywhere !

We had a yummy dinner yesterday, why is it we only get Turkey at this time of year?

I’m a bit jealous though, William had a brilliant stocking from Santa…luckily he was happy to share his lovely toys with me J

Hope you’re having fun too!

       Lots of love,

       Pickle and William!!



Bob and Jess

 Hi Mum and Dad,

We just wanted to quickly say Happy Christmas to you both. We’re missing you but luckily it’s great fun here…Bob especially loves all the mud but I’m not so sure….Nick certainly doesn’t seem too happy about it!

I got a lovely new toy for Christmas which I managed to disembowel in record time….I’m so proud!!!

The weather here is warm for a change but so so wet….I do love sitting under my heat lamp after a walk though…mmm lovely and warm J

Must dash and see what Bob’s sniffing around at….

Hope to see you soon.

Love Jess (and Bob)


Sun ! At last !

Monty Whippet

Hey oop family…..Happy Christmas to you all. Nick’s forced me to stop jumping about for a second to write this but I told ‘im, you’ll not need to be worrying about me!

Having the usual fun and games here, they’ve even brought a new ball chucker in for a few days…I think I must’ve tired the first lad out hehe

Right must dash, I’m sure I see a tennis ball being shamefully unused, better do something about that pronto!


Monty Whippet


Mid air Monty

Champers returns!

Hello Mummy!

Uncle Nick and Auntie Vic got my message and so they’ve helped me to write to you today- hurrah! It’s hard work typing with my nose though, so I can’t write much…

As ever I’m having a GREAT time here. I’ve already killed a couple of Hayfields toys (they deserved it), but I’ve left my lovely Santa toy that I brought alone- I like it too much to destroy it! J

Auntie Vic spent ages giving me a grooming yesterday- it was bliss, and I was all fluffy and pretty when she’d finished! I’m eating well too, although I could always eat more if they’d let me… not fair   L

Don’t worry about me at all- I love being at Hayfields and although I’m looking forward to seeing you again I’m quite happy here with Uncle Nick and Auntie Vic- I think they love me almost as much as you do!

Lots of love, licks and fluff,

Champers XXX

Champers surveying her land.

Little William

Hi mum and dad,

Nick has told me that you’re very worried about me staying here. Well, to be honest I was too for the first day, it seemed very different at first!

Well that soon changed when I realised it’s not all that different from being at home at all! I get lots of cuddles, lots of playtime and some amazing fields to trot round (though it is VERY cold, I’m glad I’ve got lots of coats).

The food turns out to be really nice but I’m not sure I’m getting enough treats, I’m sure I saw dad unload more boxes than I see in the kitchen. Other than that everything is great, I love the people and showed Nick my ‘High 5’ trick this morning, he certainly seemed impressed J

I’ll write again nearer Christmas, I hope you’ve had a lovely trip.

Lots of love

Little William


Maisie's school report

Half-term report card: Maisie Wise, Class 1H

Teachers report:

Overall Maisie has shown excellent progress in her first term at school. She was understandably nervous at first but soon settled into the school life here at Hayfields Academy and has become a very likeable young lady. She is a lively contributor to class and is also an enthusiastic member of the sports team. Overall 8/10


Her singing is enthusiastic although not always in key with the rest of the choir. I feel that with some practice she could come down in pitch to a more harmonic tone. 7/10


Shows a great love of graffiti which we do accept is a modern art form. Her choice of medium however is questionable and leaves a nasty pong in the air at times. 6/10

Physical Education:

Maisie is a great fan of these lessons and her contribution and enthusiasm are to be credited. Her role in the Frisbee team was cemented early on and she shows great promise despite some carelessness with the equipment. 9/10


She is grasping the fundamentals of the language well however she needs to watch her concentration levels as they do drop somewhat at times. 6/10

Home Economics:

Maisie’s favourite lesson by far, top of the class, great input, great output, star pupil ! 10/10

Headmasters report.

A lovely and lively girl that has quickly become a favourite  pupil of mine. With a little self-discipline (and a little prompting) she should grow up to be fine young lady.

Maisie during frisbee practice

Flynn's review

Hi folks, Flynn here,

Many apologies for not writing sooner but I’m not sure I approve of these new-fangled computer thingies….what’s wrong with a good old-fashioned paw and paper, I ask you? Hmph, still, as no-one seems to be offering any paper I shall persevere and give you a full review of my time here.

Accommodation: Spacious, light, plenty of places to lie out and fall asleep, regularly cleaned by the chambermaid. 5 out of 5.

Food: Excellent, I brought my own because you can never trust hotel food in my experience, but here, it is served regularly by the friendly staff. 5 out of 5.

Entertainment: Ball-throwing is laid on here and the staff are generous with their time. One of them in particular is very capable: ball goes a nice long distance and in a predictable direction. The other ball thrower (the female one, called Vic I think) is not so good….sigh. Ball was thrown in all directions (including up, down and once even straight at my head!) and a general lack of control marred an otherwise enthusiastic performance. Points have to be awarded for effort though, seeming as how she ends up more out of breath than me ! 4 out of 5.

Ambience: Peaceful most of the time, however I do occasionally have to remind the youngsters here what a real bark sounds like. 4 out of 5

So I think that’s enough from me, too much clicking of my claws on keyboard is giving me a headache.

I hope my two little brothers have been behaving themselves without me? Please tell them I miss them and will get them back in order as soon as I’m home.

Much love.




Hi mum and dad!

I have a question for you, what’s a kangaroo? They keep telling me here that I am part Labrador, part kangaroo (a labraroo apparently) but I have no idea what they mean?

Other than that I’m having a whale of a time here, I think I’m even beginning to get my old figure back with some help from Nick and Jo. The fields round here are amazing and the smells…oh the smells!! It gets me quite over-excited you know and I have to just bounce and bounce and bounce J

Ah such fun……speaking of which I hear Nick calling so back to the fields we go…tra lala lala.

See you in a few days J



Ps Nick says that mum worries about me too much, aw thanks mum, I love you lots too xxxxx

Over-excited? moi?

Sleepy Champers


Morning Joneses, how’s your hols?

I’m having a lovely relaxing time here loafing about in the kitchen and office, they certainly have some comfy chairs here, even the floor is great to sleep on when it’s hot. J

Thought I’d let you know that life here is good, lovely weather, lots of fields which I do occasionally run around in, when I can be bothered….Nick says I have 2 settings, asleep and crazy but I’m not sure that’s fair. I’ve told him, there’s nothing crazy about having fun, even if it does involve destroying fluffy toys or shouting at sheep! (squeak!! baaaa!!!!)

Anyway it’s getting a bit warm in here so if you don’t mind I’d like to return to the kitchen floor for a bit.

See you soon!

Lots of Love



It was a hot day, the floor was cold, do I need to say more?

Little Bailey

Hi everyone (especially mum)!

I’ve been plonked on the desk and told I have to write to you cos apparently you’ll be worried. Honestly mum, I’m a big boy now and can take care of myself.

It’s nice that you worry but there really is no need. I have my old room in the kitchen (I had a word with Vic) and am quite happy in here as long as no-one touches my toys!  Actually I’ve been letting Nick occasionally play with them now, it’s just so annoying when other kids play with your toys and they get all sticky !

Anyway, if it’s ok with you I’d like to go back to my room now….I think it’s nearly time to explore the fields again soon and I don’t want to miss my turn; hiding from Nick in the long grass and scaring him lots really makes my day J

Lots of love,



Big Bernie

Hi Mum!

It’s so nice to be back her for a longer stay this time, it’s such fun playing with Nick and I’ve managed to knock him over 3 times now, a record apparently ! !

It’s good that he has such long legs cos that means I get a nice big lap to sit on, for some reason Nick doesn’t seem to like it much but I think it’s REALLY comfortable!

The one problem is that they keep putting my blanket back in my room. No matter how many times I tell them it’s happier outside they just don’t seem to listen. Ah well, I can live with it I suppose, as long as they keep letting me bounce around the fields !

Lots of love


Me charging at Nick :-)

FizzBomb !

Hiya folks, this is Fizzy….

I can’t stop for long, I’ve got lots of stuff to do… I’m having loads of fun! Nick and Vic are lovely- they give me lots of cuddles and let me go into the kitchen sometimes for a sniff around. I like my room too- lots of space to laze around, and to practise my beautiful singing voice - it gets me lots of attention, I can tell you! The food is nice, the people are lovely and the walks…. well! It’s just bliss being out in the fields, no lead to hold me back, and big fields to play in. Can I come back here sometime please???

I am missing you a bit, but not much really… there’s too much to be getting on with!

See you soon…


Postcard from Herbie

Hi there Mum and Dad!

Herbie here… I hope you’re having as good a holiday as I am!! It’s great here… there are massive fields to run around, lots of long grass for me to hide in (and eat) and a lovely bloke called Nick who gives me lots of fuss and tasty food J

Maizie was being a bit of a wet blanket for the first couple of days- she just couldn’t seem to enjoy herself properly even though Nick was being really nice to her! I thought she was letting the side down a bit, so I had a few well-chosen words with her and now she’s really got into the spirit of things! She is enjoying her sun-bathing, and we BOTH think it’s really funny to scare Nick by hiding in the long grass and making him call for us… we always come out in the end, but we  enjoy making him panic a bit!

Anyway, must go now, apparently we’re due for another walk now- hurrah!! Come on Maizie, let’s see how scared we can make Nick- teehee...!

See you soon!

Herbie (and Maisie)

Whirling Dervishes

Hey there folks,


This place is AMAZING!!  The food is so tasty- we always want more, more, more! Uncle Nick says we have plenty though, and says that no matter how much we spin around barking for it, we’re not getting any more. Hmph!

Still, we’re managing to have a great time here, barking and spinning, barking and spinning, and then when it’s time for a walk… wheeeeeeee!!! The long grass is such fun to run about in, and everything smells soooo interesting! When it was all wet and muddy we loved splashing around in the puddles, but then Uncle Nick and Auntie Vic had to give us a bath cos we got quite dirty. It was ok though- I think even WE agreed that we needed it… Anyway, it’s been lovely and dry for the last couple of days , so no more baths for us!

Hope you’re having as much fun as us on your holiday… are you barking and spinning around too?? You should try it…

Lots of love,

Alfie and Freddie


Benson and hedges

Hi folks

I really hope that you’re having as much fun as I am, this holiday is just what I needed J

The fields here are simply amazing, so much room to run around in and no lead ever….perfect! Now, if I can just find some deer to chase…..

I play tug-of-war with Nick every day as it keeps him happy and quiet. Obviously I let him win, we all know who’s the strongest and I really don’t like to boast, it’s all about the taking part as I tell him.

I’ll see you when I’ve finished my holidays here if that’s ok, I’m not ready to come home just yet! Perhaps you could come and stay here too, there’s plenty of room and that way I can play in fields all day!? Worth thinking about I’m sure…..

Lots of love


Mali's holiday

Dear Mum and Dad,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line or two to say hello and let you know I’m having a great time here at Hayfields. They’re all very obliging and throw my ball for me all over the fields, such fun ! Even more fun when I pretend to lose it hehehe.

They put on plenty of entertainment for me every day, including Vic’s vacuuming hour-my favourite. I love to shout along as she vacuums away around me…...it's most invigorating !!

All in all I have to say it’s been an excellent holiday, there’s even been sunshine which Jo informed me was very rare!

Look forward to seeing you soon,




Toys toys toys

Hey mam and dad,
Hope you're having a good holiday, it's really nice here but I am missing you a bit...it's ok though, I've got a lovely room inside and get to play in the office most of the time.
When you come to collect me please can you make sure there is enough room in the car for all the toys I have found here? They seem constantly amazed when I find a new toy somewhere in the office but I'm honestly not sure if I believe them...something tells me they know more than they are letting on. Still, I've built up a fair old collection in my room so far and that's just fine by me. As far as I'm concerned it's finders keepers so they're all mine now !

Looking forward to seeing you soon, I've attached a picture of me with my new toy rat, he tastes good !

Lots of love


Kaspar the shouting dog

Woof Woof  Woof

Hello mum, how’s your holiday going?

Mine is going great, I love this place cos here I can…….


Sometimes I stop running and have a little shout and a play with Nick, but then I get bored and have to………


Then it’s my second favourite time at the end of the walk cos I get to do my second favourite thing here which is…………


She’s so lovely and gives me so much fuss I’m in heaven. Then she stops and I have to SHOUT AT HER SOME MORE!!!!!!!

Nick says I need to be careful with my throat but I don’t care, SHOUTING IS JUST SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Looking forward to seeing you in a few days.


KASPAR !!!!!

Doh Ray Me Far.......

Hiya Mum and Dad,

Thank you so much for bringing me back here, I just love to run around the fields taunting Nick all day!  It’s a real laugh keeping the ball away from him, he’s FAR too slow for me! I do let him have the ball occasionally but only because I’m nice J , the rest of the time I just taunt him with my lightning dodging skills, ha!

I’ve also found I enjoy a really good singing along with my fellow guests, most of whom seem to look just like me! Together we make such a good choir, I heard Gareth Malone may even be interested in working with us. Not that Nick has any taste of course, claims he’s never heard such a noise before! Huh! Philistine I say! Must dash, I believe we have a choir practice in ten minutes so I have to get my voice loosened up.

Hope you’re having as much of a good time as me!




Kitchen dog !

Hi Mum,

How are you? I miss you lots and lots and can’t wait  to see you again soon.

This place is very nice and the people are really lovely. I think the walks are great but when I was in my room I barked along with my friends so much that I started to lose my voice! Please don’t worry though, it’s all just so exciting here, my tail is getting tired from all the wagging !

Luckily they are so nice that I now live in the house with the family to save my poor throat! I have my bed in the kitchen and I had such a lovely sleep on the office floor this morning with Nick and Vic J

I’m getting lots of cuddles , I just wish they’d give me more food!!! I heard Jo saying something about better food coming tonight....I can’t wait !!

I love you lots and can’t wait for a cuddle from you, until now Nick, Vic, Jo and even Uncle Martyn will do !

All my love




Iggy Heaven !

Dear Mum and Dad,

Thanks very much for letting us come and stay here, we’re really being looked after well. I know it’s a long way to come but so worth it !

The fields they have here are just the best, we can run around and around for what seems like days !

We’ve also made two great new friends in Jonty and Hershey who stay here a lot, they showed us round the fields and made us feel very welcome.

Jo keeps telling me I have to eat more so I’m obliging whenever I can J (I’m not sure Enzo is too happy about this !)

Vic says she is also really impressed with our output but I don’t know what she means? Something about our own bodyweight every morning…she’s a strange girl but nice enough.

Hope you’re having fun and we’ll see you next week


Lots of Love


Bella (and Enzo)

I'm so excited....



Nick has told me that I ought to calm down a bit lest I do myself a mischief, but what does he know??? Speaking of Nick, he’s good fun but insists on spending time with the other dogs here, could you please have a word and let him know that I require much more one on one attention from him? Other than that, this is the most fun I can have on 4 legs.

How’s Las Vegas? Jo has been telling me about it from her visit, I must say it sounds almost as much fun as here, al though  no where near enough green for my liking ! (unlike this place)

Can’t wait to see you soon


Lots of love




Bruiser, centre half.

Ello folks, Hope you’ve been having as much fun as me! Nick and Jo are very nice to me although I’m sure they don’t quite take me seriously. Whenever I talk to them they seem to smile and laugh a lot…almost like I have a silly voice which I’m sure I don’t!

It doesn’t matter cos I get to play loads of football here every day!  Nick says I should apply for a job with England cos I’m a better defender than half the current squad J I’m not so sure……I’ll be honest, Nick is VERY easy to tackle, he claims he was once a flying winger but there’s no way I believe that ! Hmmmm….if I play for England do I get to sink my teeth into Ronaldo? If that’s the case I’d love to !!

Hope to see you soon,




Tasty tasty grass !

Ello mum....how are you? We was both happy to see you’d booked us in here again, we definitely know how to get the best of this lot ! Nick is great fun to roll around with in the fields and Jo is very generous with the treats....NOM!

To be honest though, I’m not sure that they have been putting enough effort into maintaining the paddocks round here, Vic and I are eating as much of the grass as we can but I don’t think we’ve made much of a dent yet....maybe in a few days we’ll have finished off at least one field ! I’ve tried to bring Vic in to say hello too but he’s too busy rolling round the garden with Nick....who seems to like being scratched a LOT. He said to say hello then disappeared to find yet another ball to slobber on.....young ‘uns eh?


Thanks by the way for making sure I get more food than Vic, it makes him so jealous....HA !




Max  (and Vic)

Life in the old.....

Hello folks, how’s the cruise? I must say I’m rather glad to be on dry land myself....well, it’s just about dried out now, it was quite wet a week ago I can tell you ! At least the sun is out for us now, much more pleasant for my daily promenades with Nick. He’s a nice enough lad apart from making me eat horrible pills, at least he’s friendly and lets me clean his mucky ears out for him.

Jo, Vic & Bev are ok too but there’s far too much to-ing and fro-ing for my liking.....and normally when I’m asleep too. Don’t worry though, I make sure everyone knows when I want some peace and quiet by shouting as loudly as I can, they soon get the message !

Best thing here is the food, Jo has given me her special menu that she saves for only the best guests (so she tells me anyway). Even I have to admit it is delicious, perhaps she could give you the recipe if you ask her nicely?

  I do hope you’re having fun but I am missing you, these youngsters are all well and good but it’s not quite the same and I’m really looking forward to you coming home soon.



Bunty bunty bunty !

Hello Mum,

I’m having a lovely time here on holiday! I’m SURE that I’m the prettiest dog here by far… Nick keeps laughing at what he calls my “frilly skirts”, but I keep telling him- that’s just my look!

  It’s great fun running through the fields at the moment… the grass is all soft and long and I enjoy hiding from Nick whilst we’re out in it. The lady who cleans my kennel doesn’t seem to feel the same about it though… I keep bringing lots of loose grass into my kennel to make it look as nice as outside, but she keeps clearing it all up!! Honestly… doesn’t she know anything about interior design?!

  Hope you’re having as nice a holiday as I am… can’t wait to see you guys when you get back! Looking forward to telling you all about my time here…

  Lots of love,

  Bunty XX

Missy's Holiday

Hullo Dad

It’s nice to be back at Hayfields and it’s really good to see Auntie Jo again, although I must say I’m seeing a bit more of her lad Nick than her these days.....I’m still not sure about him you know, he’s done nothing specific but I’m not sure I trust him....too tall by far if you ask me. Still, he’s keeping me well fed and walked and is even giving me treats these days......I suppose he may be ok but I think I’ll reserve my judgement till the end of the week.

  At least Jo comes to see me regularly, she’s a bit easy to beat at tug of war but I know exactly where I stand with her 

  Off to sunbathe now, what a lovely week it’s turned out to be !

Look forward to seeing you soon.


Missy xxx

Get well soon Dad!

Hullo Dad! (and mum)
We just want to say we hope you feel better soon, although don't worry about us cos we're having a great time here ! 
There's lots of fields and exciting smells for us to roll around in so we've got plenty to occupy us whilst you get well. 
I heard Nick saying he's not sure what he'll feed us tomorrow but we're not worried, as long as we get some of that delicious meat we're happy !!!!

Hopefully we'll see you soon

Bo and Harvey

worry? me?

ello mum 
Nick and Jo tell me I have to write to you cos you is all worried about me. Honestly mum, I'm a big boy now and although I was a a bit nervous for 20 seconds at first, I soon realised how much fun this place is !

It'll be great to see you again on Sunday, but I have a question: why can't you move here too then we can play in the fields ALL THE TIME? That would be soooo much fun. :-)

Right now I should be out there bouncing around the paddock and savaging Nick, but no they've made me come in here to write....well I do love you so here I am.......BUT can I go back out and play now please? please? please? please? please? please? please? please? please? please? please? please? please? please? please? please? please? please? please? please?

Love you lots

(p.s. Nick keeps singing something called 'Black Sabbath' to me....I really have no idea why but it is most funny)

Wet holiday?

Hello dear folks....
Well this is a rum old show isn't it? I mean, the place is all very nice and the people are ok I suppose, but what on Earth is going on with this weather??
I've attached a picture of my good self running in the sun but I honestly don't remember anything but rain...I have, of course, voiced my concerns to the management but as of yet nothing appears to have been done.
At least my room is warm and dry, and the decor is very relaxing but still, I'll be much happier when it dries up and the chambermaid stops making me get all covered in rain.

That said, the room service is 5 star with good food and tasty snacks at my bark and call....can I have that at home as well please?

Let's hope the weather is better for you....see you soon.

Pip Pip



















Splash !

Ello Mum and Dad, how's the holiday in the sun going? I've bust into the office so don't have long before they notice....just wanted to say...... this place is awesome...I CAN DO WHATEVER I LIKE ! 
There's some tall people here who try and get me to do stuff but I just ignore them and eventually they go away. For some reason Milo does whatever they say, and even brings back the things they throw away! What a silly boy.........
I love the wet and mud cos it means I get hand dried after my walk, now THAT is luxury :-)
The food is good but there is most definitely not enough, I keep hearing the word 'diet' thrown about but I'm sure it can't apply to us.....
Must dash, it's time for the tall fella to chase me round the field for half an hour.....LOVE IT !
See you soon..
Buster (and Milo though he's off being a good boy)


Hi folks, 
Missing you lots but having a good time here with my new friend Fudge. She is lovely but a little old....which is perfect for me cos I always get to the ball first ! 
The accommodation here is good and the food is great BUT.....for some reason the tall man here keeps trying to take pictures of me, then cursing lots...I really cannot think why !
I give him my best frown every time but apparently this is not the desired look....ah well, as I tell him EVERY DAY, it's my look !

Can't wait to see you all soon


Harley's new friend

Hi mummy
I hvae a knew freind hear called deckster. he si suhc fun and chases me evrywear !

we play wiv the bal and run roundandroundandroundandround until i feal qwite dizzzy in my hed !

I ma also not shure if they ar feeding me enuff. Nick sez i gets plenty but I dont beleve him !!

Mising yuo lots and lots



Dexter's new friend

I'd like to introduce you to my new friend Harley. (he's a bit younger than me so I'm showing him the ropes round here) 
I got the measure of this place pretty sharpish I can tell you.....Nick is an utter walkover and does whatever I tell him...and I tell him plenty !
Young Harley still thinks that Nick's the boss but I'm slowly letting him know how it really is.....All it takes is a bit of tug-of-war and Nick knows who rules this roost !

See you soon


Shame about the weather !

Hello our lovely family, Mable here....we'd just like to say that this place is great, apart from the weather which is shocking !
Nick seems very impressed with our ability to get soaking wet, we even found a puddle deeper than our legs ! Otto thought it was great fun splashing about in it though I decided that kind of behavior is not fitting for young ladies....

The food here is REALLY great but for some reason I'm sure the young lady in the room next door is getting more than us...I will be having words with the management later.

Hope you're having a great time, see you in a few days


(and Otto though he's too busy splashing about to write)

Is this love?

Hi Mum,

Hope you’re having fun…I’m missing you lots, but …….well….. I probably shouldn’t be telling you this…. …I THINK I HAVE A BOYFRIEND !

His name is Nick and he’s ever so tall and lovely…..I go all gooey whenever he walks into the room and am so sad when he leaves.

He LOVES me singing to him so I do it as often as possible, and right in his ears whenever I can.

The two naughty dogs next door keep telling me Nick loves them too BUT I DON’T BELIEVE THEM, HE’S MINE !!!!!

I’ve attached a photo of us having a little cuddle time, oooo he has such a tasty neck !

Big kisses, see you soon.




Keep rolling...

Hi folks, hope  you're having as much fun where you are cos it's great here :-) Nick even let's me roll on his lap...thankfully he's very tall so there's a lot of it ! He now even smells just like me which is nice. 
See you soon


....rolling rolling

Hello peeps, Wally here.
 You would not believe the number of interesting smells they have round these paddocks, my nose has never been so busy! 
I'm doing a great job for Nick finding the badger runs, although he doesn't seem as grateful as you'd expect...I wonder why?
Must dash, apparently we're exploring a new field today....can't wait !

Much love



This sun is all well and good, but NICK IS NOT FEEDING US ENOUGH. WE ARE SOOOOOO HUNGRY.
We all hope you have a thoroughly miserable time for making us live with this man.



from Molly....
I've met a lovely man here who keeps letting me into his warm office, it's all very exciting but I just seem to fall asleep after a minute or two....he tells me I talk in my sleep but I'm not so sure.
Unfortunately, the silly man keeps throwing my blue ball away...I bring it back but he just doesn't seem to get the message.......men! 

See you soon 

Molly Moll XXXXxxxxxXXXX

Hendrix and Chad.

Chad - I am much nicer looking than this photo that's for sure. Hendrix and I have a great time together but today the weather was too wet for field photos! I have this great game where I go into the long grass and play dead then Hendrix comes over to see if I am alright and I get up, go mad and run figures of eight and then play dead again. Sometimes I lie flat and then sometimes I lie on my back with all four feet in the air. Hendrix isn't very bright you see and he never gets it. I don't care about the rain at all and am very obedient about going into my kennel. I never need my lead at all.

Hendrix - I just love everyfing especially water, treats and toys. I  am so tall I can pull all the toys off the shelf which I then leave out in the rain 'til they are all soggy. I am very very obedient and love sitting for a treat. Nick says I may be able to go up to the next grade!!

Chad and Hendrix XXXX
From Buster, Peggy and Muffin,

Buster - I have commandeered the faux fur bed ( which matches my colour scheme ! ) and I also try and commandeer all the food so I have to be watched when I eat! I have everything sorted out and do my own thing. Jo claps her hands loudly when she wants me to come in.

Peggy and Muffin - We have a new friend called Louie who is great at chasing us around the paddocks and Muffin  and he particularly like out running each other. We are only eating Hayfields' food and are on two meals a day which we love. Buster tries to help us out with it though so we have to be quick.

See you soon,

The very well behaved ' Larkens ' 🙂

  From Ted and Daisy.

Ted - Daisy and I went running this morning and honestly we could have won the Derby we went so fast. I am second in command to Jo here and I LIKE IT. My photo shows me atop a pile of fur fabric which is used in some of the beds. I got that sussed! 

Daisy - Hmmm not sure I like being below Ted but he does let me share the furry pile. Although Iam on a diet I am still very huggable and if I have lost a gram it will be a miracle! Still I may be able to have a bit more Turkey !

See you soon love Ted and Daisy XXXXXX😙


Hello fomr River,

I am only a baby so my speling isnt veri good but I ma beeng a realy good girl. The ktichin is my playground and now I have some frends in the dog rooms witch i like.

Jo maks me wait for my diner but Jos husband Martyn spoils me and we play lots.

I did eat Jos glases but she left them were I cud reach them haha. 

See you neckst week,


Rocco and Louie

Rocco Land and Louie Khoo - new friends

Jo says this is heart in mouth time as we are a pair of wild childs. 

Rocco - Big mistake giving me Hayfields food as tonight I picked at my kibble but managed to eat the all AGA food. Louie and I have a great game running in and out of each others rooms and into the runs. Good Stuff.

Louie  - Jo says she is glad I am insured  but I am having a lovely time. We went in the fields today although it was rather wet. I run faster than Rocco who seemed very taken with those sheepy things ( well they do look like him! )


Hi Family,

Thought I would show my best assets to the camera.😋 I am having a lovely time running in the paddocks and in the evening I get to destroy my toys in the study and I mean destroy. When I have finished for some reason I like to roll on them. Sort of finishes the destruction.  Hope you are having lovely holiday.




Hi Folks,

This is a joint email from us new friends ! We are both having a great time chasing about.

We are eating like veritable horses yes even Harry, but we will really miss each other😥 we are having such a great time together. 

Yesterday we wrecked the study, paper everywhere but it was fun.

Love Barney  and Harry.



Dear Dad Dave,

I may be missing the shooting but I am sure not missing the ball fetch! I love my food but Jo thinks I may be a tiny bit trimmer.

I have destroyed more balls than the last 100 dogs put together but so what😋. I get some air dried veal ribs everyday to chew but  they don't last me very long. Oh and I ate a bed too but Jo says it was an old one so that's OK then!

See you Monday,

Love Munty 


Dear Family,

I have settled in well, a bit weepy last night but have eaten every last scrap of food and love my healthy treats. Today I went walking with Roo an Italian Greyhound. I decided to roll in something and although I thought I smelled nice apparently I didn't.

So this afternoon I had a bath, trim and now smell like a Prince. My bed has had a wash too.

Love Rodney. xxxx

P.S.The food is GREAT and I would eat double what I am given if I could.

Having my after bath comb through.


AKA Saint and Sinner!

Jasper - I am a complete saint. I have never banged the door once after my owners left me. I love free running and  any food in any order. I have got my gold star for good behaviour.

Sugar - Jasper is just a goody goody. I love to bark at all the visiting dogs. I just thought I would help the floor mender by removing a bit more. Jo says luckily he has all his floor mending equipment with him.  I am eating everything other than the food mummy brought with. Give me AGA meals any day. 😘 XX


I am having a really good time here and I am surprisingly obedient 🤩 and am allowed free running round all the fields already.  All the food is yummy even though that pesky Jasper snuck into my room and ate my breakfast while I was out for my  morning walk.

I haven't managed to destroy the little toy polar bear yet so things are looking good for IKEA's bank balance when mummy and daddy come back to collect me.

Love Leo xxxx


Dear Folks,

I am having a wonderful time here doing lots of running. After 10 days a decided to eat the door on my kennel so now am in the garden indestructable kennel so I eat my marrow bones instead. I really quite like those pesky Italian Greyhounds particularly the puppy called Maggie who insists on sticking her nose on mine.

I come into the house to help on the computer twice a day.

I love the food here and have never done anything but lick my plate clean and ask for more.  I am always smiling and Jo loves me and says I have never once peed or pooed in my run and that I could teach her dogs a thing or two!!

Love Alfie XX


 Dear Mummy,

I am very well indeed and since Jo's vet says it is AOK for me to have normal food as long as it is 4 times a day and not too much, I don't have to have that horrid diet. I look less podgy now and even played fetch with a ball yesterday. I am hardly in my room and spend most of the day in the study or kitchen and have access all day to a small area in the garden. I like the Italian Greyhounds and they seem to like me too. I am not allowed too many treats as they contain sugar so I get other things instead which are sugar free. My new name is Bridgette ( Bardot ) 'cos I am so beautiful and have a figure to match.

See you on Thursday.

Love Ruby XX


Dear Family.

It's nice to be here again but SHE DOESN'T FEED US ENOUGH  and Copper says he has to do more excercise 😠.

We do get marrow bones though and that staves off the  hunger a bit. Jo says she doesn't really have to wash out bowls up as they are so licked clean. We are allowed half an apple and just two sardines in the morning.😥

Copper says blow the garlic tablets, he spits them out given the chance.

Love especially to Daddy Tang who likes to give us treats YUMMY.

Presto XXX and Copper XXX

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