A Sniff of Hayfields!


We will try to upload as many videos of our guests having fun as we can!

That's my ball!!

Nobody touches Skype's ball but Skype!

All hail Caesar

Melvin prefers to recline whilst eating. And be hand fed warm food, obviously ;-)

Mad dogs!

Poppy & Rosie making the most of the freshly mown fields :-)

The Running Manning

He can shift for a big guy ;-)

Milly's first stay

Max is showing Milly the ropes :-)

Bella and Logan's Run

Such a great couple :-)

Pod and George

Two of the fastest dogs in the fields!

Jags and Harley

A true bromance :-)

Oscar, Freddy, Olly & Betty!

Isn't it sweet seeing families reunited!

Rupert and Bluebell loving the fields

Bluebell is possibly the cutest thing to hit our fields this year!

Roxy roo-England's answer to the long running left wing issue

Little Roxy roo showing that size most definitely does NOT matter when it comes to skills!

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