You will see that we do not put your dogs in prison but behind thick clear polycarbonate. The runs are fully covered and paved. We only have 6 garden rooms and there are no dogs facing each other so stress is minimised. They just have a nice view of a quiet garden.

Each fully insulated kennel has thermostatically controlled electric heating so that individuals can have the correct heating for their breed. There are also state of the art quartz infra red lamps where necessary. 

The interiors are fitted out like home and all have radios which are on all day and evening. There is a listening device so we can hear the dogs during the night.

Some guests like to remove pictures from the walls so we are now have murals which are non removable!

They are light and bright even on the dullest of days.

 Our bedding is luxurious but please note we cannot use some bedding for puppies or dogs that chew.Guests are welcome to bring their own beds. We endeavour to wash longer stayers bedding before departure.


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