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There is growing evidence that some annual vaccinations are not only not necessary but can be detrimental to the long term health of your dog.

There is much evidence to be found on the internet and indeed many veterinary surgeons are changing their own vaccination protocols.

That is not to say that we do not believe in any vaccinations.

We require that dogs have had their initial course of puppy vaccinations and that they have had a parvo virus vaccination within the previous 4 years and will require that you bring their vaccination certificate with you. 


Although we do accept homeopathically vaccinated dogs, this must be certificated by a practising qualified vet. There are vets who also practise homeopathy and these can be located on the internet.

However this does not apply to the initial parvo & lepto vaccinations which must be standard.

Because we only accept a small number of dogs any risks are minimal. 

These are the protocols that we have successfully used for our own show and pet dogs for the past 46 years.